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Increase the quality of life and extend it to your loved ones

The health of the Family is done by the hands of women in the kitchen. These techniques will improve and prolong the life of your loved one…

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About us, and our project

I, Yannina Bianca and my Italian husband, chef Salvatore Bianca, created a project in 2014, in which we share our knowledge of nutrition and culinary arts. Mission is to help improve the quality of life of the nation through knowledge of delicious food without prohibitions and diets, by means of:

About us

Causes of diseases and obesity

In the age of development of the food industry, the range of products is great, as well as the chance to make a mistake in choosing. And our knowledge and actions determine how we now look and how we feel. These simple rules will help your family reduce their risk of illness and excess weight.

  • Saturated fat, salt and sugar
  • Calories and hydrogenated fats
  • Mold , and acrylamide
  • Chemical additives, GMO
  • Red meat is higher than the acceptable daily allowance
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In this calculator you will find out if your weight and% fat are normal (see table). You will find out your daily intake of Kcal, taking into account your personal parameters, with control, the weight itself will begin to melt without diets and stress.

English system Metric system
Height:  Feet    Inches
Weight:  pounds
Waist:  Inches
Hips:  Inches
Hip size:  Inches (Female)
Height:  Cm
Weight:  Kg
        Waist:  Cm
Neck:  Cm
Hips:  Cm (female)

Body mass index(BMI):   
Waist to Height Ratio:   
Body fat percentage:    (Look at the table)
Dangerous weight:   

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